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The truth is out there?  

A fortnightly podcast about UK education for and about teachers, teaching, government policy and other things...

Do you believe?

Nov 13, 2016

Can you handle the Truth?

This week's programme has a feedback section from listeners; a review of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers by all the teachers at Michaela School; Playing with Fire by Mike Fairclough.

Leon has been to Michaela school to interview Katharine Birbalsingh about the book - he was granted an hour's interview. The whole hour's interview will be released shortly. So you're getting 2 programmes for 1 on our very first show. Alex covers the current news and Leon is out and about again interviewing teachers and why they go to teachmeets. The show invites feedback and comments - in audio form if possible - you can do this by using an audio recording app on your phone or using the Anchor.fm app. If you want to feedback on twitter just use the hashtag #theEDfiles.

Happy listening and don't work too hard preparing for the new week.

Alex and Leon

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Show Notes

Your hosts are Alex Weatherall (the physics teacher) and Leon Cych (the consultant).

News item about the Bomb Disposal Unit performing controlled explosions on 2,4-DNPH in schools.

ASE chat discussion on twitter - Storify.

The DfE posted Nick Gibb's DNA comment and Alex went to town.

The DfE posted this now deleted tweet:

Tony Parkin's graph in response.

The Department for Education webpage Good School Places where you can find the consultation document.

The vote to expand charter schools in boston and environs has been beaten.

Mike Stuchbery reviews Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers: The Michela Way and Playing With Fire: Embracing Danger by Mike Fairclough

Katharine Birbalsingh - head teacher of Michaela - go visit the school

The full 1 hour interview with Katharine is here.

Pictures of the school


Michaela 2Michaela

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