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A fortnightly podcast about UK education for and about teachers, teaching, government policy and other things...

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Jan 16, 2017

Matrix Resolutions

In which Leon and Alex forget 2016, compare notes on their new year's resolutions, discuss knowledge organisers, review some news, chat a little about AI and listen to a review (Teach Like a Champion 2 by Doug Lemov from Emma Shepherd) and some views from 3 attendees of the Association of Science Education conference.

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Show Notes

Your hosts are Alex Weatherall and Leon Cych.

Tonight's show notes 

John Tomsett's new book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Matter-Improving-Mental-Health-Schools

Knowledge Organisers

Curriculum 1987

Amanda Spielman's first comments 

Rachel de Souza's piece in the Telegraph

Carpet Time

Music - Fretless by Kevin McCleod - CC

Emma Sheppard https://twitter.com/maternityCPD  reviews Teach Like a Champion 2 by Doug Lemov.


ASE Comments from @hrogerson et al.


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