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The truth is out there?  

A fortnightly podcast about UK education for and about teachers, teaching, government policy and other things...

Do you believe?

Oct 30, 2016

Leon and Alex introduce themselves, the podcast and discuss their plans; Alex discusses a nerdy use for Workflowy, Leon demonstrates his subconscious love for a Radio 1 DJ and they both share ideas and news from the week.

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Show Notes

Your hosts are Alex Weatherall (the physics teacher) and Leon Cych (the consultant).

An example of Alex's book reviews at Schools Week.

We want feedback on Twitter and also via the Anchor app

We have organised ourselves using the following nerdiness: WorkFlowy and Slack

Here's how to write a phd paper using Workflowy and LaTeX

And here is how to pronounce LaTeX (Alex does pronounce it correctly).

The founder of Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher is Emma Shepperd

Here is Tom Bennett's guest blog on creches and here are Leon's two blog posts about MTPT from this week (1), (2)

The video Leon posted is here:


The Maternity Teacher/Paternity Teacher Project from Learn 4 Life on Vimeo

Leon started out on his web-chat journey with CU See Me back in the late 90s 

This is Chris Moyles but we're really talking about Chris Moyse who has made these brilliant resources: Research in 100 Words

Here is the article by Jonathan Simons from Policy Exchange about killing the "Education for All" bill.

The education department want us to respond to their latest ideas as detailed in this video on twitter and on their engagement webpage Good School Places where you can find the consultation document.

Nick Gibb talking about education policy at researchED and answering questions about Grammar schools and selective education 2 days before the release of the green paper.

The DfE's chief analyst, Tim Leunig, at researchED reminding us to respond to the consultation in a civil manner (towards the end of the video).

Dr Becky Allen and Education Datalab on selective schools:
A post by Becky from 2008,  All of Becky's Edu Datalab posts (most recent are on selective education) and Edudata lab research briefing on Grammar Schools.

Jack Marwood - blogging at Icing on the Cake on selection by wealth
and responding to Peter Hitchen's arguments

Peter Hitchens on Twitter

Definition of disingenuous for those questioning whether Alex said it the wrong way round (possibly).

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